How do you use an Electric Razor

Good day and hello there friend! Have you stumbled here, because you have no idea, you really, really have no idea on how to use the electric razor? Perhaps another reason that you find yourself stumbled here is you want a second opinion on how to rightly shave your face with your electric shaver? Fear not, for I am here to teach you how to shave with an electric razor.

Before we start, a quirky fact, shave and razor are terms that can be used interchangeably, it’s like tomayto and tomatoe when pronouncing the fruit tomato. They denote the same idea of the instrument for hair removal. Thus, do not be confused dear audience if I happen to use electric razor or electric shaver interchangeably, because I am still referring to the same apparatus for hair removal.

Moving on, let’s start!

Dear audience I assume already that you know how to shave already, or have handled a razor once or twice in your life; however, if you haven’t fear not again for I shall guide you step by step on how to shave with your newly bought best electric shaver.

The First Step is to Prep The Area for Shaving

Whether it is your face, body, legs, arms, etc. where you will mow your electric shaver, it is important to prep the hair found therein for the shave. To get the best results, keep the hair ‘arid and stiff’ (I must admit it is just a fancy way of saying keep it dry) to get the best trim when you shave. Also, another thing to prep is the area for shaving, you must wash it or clean it so that dust and other particles, which are too small for your eyes to see will not build up and bog down your electric razor. Casing point if you will not wash the area for shaving before shaving you will find yourself having one destroyed electric shaver, so please dear audience wash it. Hence, I advise you to wash the shaving area first before shaving it with your electric shaver.

The Second Step is to Start Shaving

Hold your electric shaver with your dominant hand and feel ‘the grain’ with your non-dominant hand.

For those who know not what ‘the grain’ is, the grain means the direction where your hair is growing whether it is going down, up, left, right, wherever. It is important to feel the grain, because we do not want those nasty razor bumps and ingrown hairs on your face (Trust me they are ugly to have. Being a bearded guy myself, I can attest to their great ugliness and you do not want to have those razor bumps and ingrown hair). So please, as your friend feel the grain when you shave I do not want to see you injured because you shaved against the grain.

After feeling the grain you start cutting down your hair. If specifically you are shaving your face, I suggest you start with your cheeks and chin, and then you move on to your sideburns, and up your mustache and finally your jaw and neck.

Still do not forget, feel ‘the grain’ so to avoid those nasty razor bumps and ingrown hair, because an electric razor is still like an ordinary shaver which you hand-handle it still gives you deplorable consequences when you shave wrongly.

When you are done with shaving those areas look at yourself intently at the mirror, inspect every nook and cranny for missed spots. Are there unshaven hairs? Are there hairs unevenly shaven? If that is the case apply again your electric razor until they are uniformly cut and shaven.

Third Step is to Apply Aftershave to Your Shaven Area and Clean your Electric Shave

After shaving you must, again must, apply aftershaves. Aftershaves are essential as it moisturizes your parched skin during the shave (Yes the electric shaver causes dry skin, because it becomes hot after a long time of shaving) it also keeps away those nasty bacteria to nestle in your wide open pores after shaving.

Also if the skin needs maintenance after shaving, the electric shaver also needs maintenance. Those nasty hairs which you have cut will not clean themselves out of your electric razor all by themselves; hence you have the duty to your razor. Blow or clean away those hairs which are cluttered on the razors of your electric razor. Apply lubricant (consult the manual of your electric razor for the type of lubricant and how to apply the lubricant on your electric razor) to your razor so that the mechanism inside will still work pristinely, and not give you problems on the next shave. Additionally, if your electric razor is a year old already, replace the blades with new ones; because dull razors will not cut instead it will only give you an ugly shave.

So the last casing point is to always maintain your shaver! Do not neglect it, be sensitive to it and feel its needs. Treat it like you would your baby and girlfriend.

There you have it my dear audience that is how you use your Electric Shaver or Electric Razor. Follow those very easy steps, because shaving is not complicated; moreover if you are reluctant to use your electric shaver or reluctant to buy an electric shaver, because it is such a complicated apparatus to look at, face value, please breathe in.

Remember my dear audience that the philosophy behind the Electric Razor is to make shaving easier; thus, it was made to replace your handheld razors, so stop your reluctance and buy one to replace your old fashioned razors.

Good Day!

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